Free photo sharing with the GroupMe app

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words—and with free photo sharing from GroupMe, you can say even more!

Whether you're sharing a photo of the kids on vacation or want quick opinions on an outfit you've just tried on, photo sharing lets you say it all. And, with free photo sharing with GroupMe’s group texting app, sharing your photos has never been simpler.

Share photos easily with GroupMe

GroupMe works with the existing contacts on your phone to create groups you can easily text or share photos with. You won't need to memorise any new passwords or login each time - meaning the fun of photo sharing can start the minute you download our app.

You can choose to share a photo from your phone or snap off a new one to send to friends or family. Your friends with the app will be able to see the photo right when you send it, and others in your groups will receive a link to view it online instantly.

With GroupMe, sharing your photos has never been easier… or more fun!

Download our free photo sharing app

GroupMe has apps for every major smartphone operating system. Choose GroupMe for iPhone or Android to start sharing photos. Additionally, we also have apps for Windows Phone users.

Start sharing your photos for free today by downloading GroupMe for your smartphone.